Senior Catholic priest calls for civil disobedience against PA (VIDEOS)

Senior Christian Priest Monsignor Manuel Musallam. (Photo: social media)

Senior Roman Catholic priest Monsignor Manuel Musallam has called for opposition to the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli authorities in occupied Palestine and abroad, reported Monday. He specifically called for acts of civil disobedience on the occupied West Bank.

The veteran activist and member of the Islamic-Christian Committee to protect Holy Places told Shehab that the Palestinian resistance should form an army and announce a mandatory service on Palestine and in the diaspora. Protest tents, he added, should be erected in front of PA President Mahmoud Abbas's office to "scream" in his face.

Monsignor Musallam explained:

"He [Abbas] can not be released while Gaza suffers. He and the PLO must be forced to lift their sanctions against Gaza. & # 39;

This, he argued, could not be achieved peacefully, but through mass demonstrations and civil disobedience.

"The problem Fatah does not recognize is that the Palestinian people are not governed by a single faction, and the Palestinians must choose their leadership from all Palestinian factions."

With regard to Donald Trump's so-called deal of the century, the Catholic priest said that it had been busy since 1948 when Palestine was occupied and includes the occupation of Jerusalem, Judaism and settlements in 1967, as well as Israeli aggression.

"The deal of the century is an illusion, not a reality, and our slogan against it must resist from the beginning to the end."

Asked about the Jewish nation-state law, Musallam said that this came from the notorious Balfour statement in 1917, which promised a national house for the Jewish people.

As far as the current armistice is concerned, he stressed that if resistance itself is legitimate – what it is – "the Palestinian resistance factions should not negotiate rights."

(MEMO, PC, social media)

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