Sheldon Adelson and wife Miriam open their checkbooks for GOP again

It is the election season, which means Sheldon Adelson, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, and his wife Miriam lower their checks. Campaign funding data released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show that each donated $ 12.5 million to the Senate Leadership Fund, a Super PAC focused on Republican control of the US Senate.

Sheldon and Miriam Adelson donated a combined $ 25 million to the senate leadership fund in July, according to FEC data released on Wednesday. (Photo: Bobby Yip / Reuters / Landov)

FEC records show that the political contribution of $ 25 million was made on July 26. The Super PAC raised a little more than $ 26 million in contributions in July.

The gaming gamble of LVS is one of the richest people in the world, with an estimated net worth of approximately $ 38 billion, according to Forbes. Miriam Adelson is the publisher of the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom (Israel Today).

It is the second time this year that the power couple – the largest donors to the Republican party during the 2016 election cycle – have dumped huge amounts of money for the mid-term.

Brick house

In May, the two gave a combined $ 30 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund: a Super PAC that supported Republican candidates to the US House of Representatives.

During the 2016 cycle, the Adelsons wrote $ 82.5 million to GOP-hopeful, according to That total included a $ 25 million donation to a Super PAC to support the then candidate Donald Trump as president. Trump was inevitably pro-Israel – one of Adelson's two main themes for the campaign – and the leader has kept his promise to unashamedly support the controversial country as president.

Before the most recent campaign funding data were published, the two donated a combined $ 30.4 million to Republicans during the 2018 cycle.

The donation of $ 25 million in July, in combination with other donations, brought the Adelsons to about $ 60 million in total contributions this cycle.

Other important contributions, according to FEC data, are a maximum contribution of $ 237,000 from Sheldon Adelson to the National Republican Congress Committee (NRCC) and $ 371,500 to the PAC Protect the House at the end of June.

Both have also given $ 43,900 to Nevada Senator Dean Heller's reelection campaign, as well as $ 2,700 to a large number of other Republican candidates in more states.

Manage gifts

The Adelsons have also been active in Nevada's upcoming governors' race, in support of the outgoing attorney general of Nevada and the Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt.

The pair each donated $ 10,000 to Laxalt in 2017 and AG received another $ 30,000 from Adelson's companies in the course of 2018. According to Laxalt's contributions and expense note filed with the Nevada Secretary of State, he received $ 10,000 each from the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the Sands Expo & Convention Center and the Venetian Resort Casino in May: all Adelson companies.

Laxalt not only represents the general position of GOP, but more specifically, a cause that is close to Sheldon and Sheldon: he is against legalized Internet gambling.

A poll commissioned by the Reno Gazette Journal and Suffolk University, published in July, showed Laxalt with a lead of 0.6 percent with 41.6 percent of the voters behind him, over the Democratic candidate Steve Sisolak, who polled with 40 percent.

The interim election of this year will take place on 6 November.

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