Suspected terrorist arrested after charging a man with an iron bar in Tekoa

A Palestinian man was arrested on Sunday morning at Tekoa in the West Bank after he tried to rob a resident of the settlement with an iron bar.

No one was injured in what security forces described as an attempt at terrorist attack.

According to eyewitnesses, the attacker, who had thrown stones at moving vehicles a few moments earlier, shouted his intended victim while shouting to Allahu Akbar.

Scene of an attempted attack

Scene of an attempted attack

IDF combat soldiers arrested the Palestinian suspect while other soldiers searched the area in search of other potential suspects.

The motivation for the attempted attack was investigated by security forces, but the first conclusions pointed to an attempt at terrorist attack.

According to a first investigation, the Palestinian threw stones at a passing vehicle before fleeing to Tekoa in the Gush Etzion region. He was trapped for questioning after his arrest.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, who visited Tekoa to attend a ceremony marking the reopening of schools at the end of the summer holiday, was forced to stay in the area until the investigation was completed.

Gush Etzion Regional Council Head, Shlomo Neilan, thanked the security forces for quickly arresting the suspected terrorist.

Minister Yariv Levin at the opening ceremony of the school in Tekoa

Minister Yariv Levin at the opening ceremony of the school in Tekoa

"We are in the Tekoa community that looks like a lone terrorist has been attacked, but fortunately nobody has been injured, except people who suffer from shock, which is also very serious," he said.

A resident of Tekoa said the incident would serve as a warning to the Israeli government, which is currently engaged in indirect talks with the Hamas terror group in Gaza on a long-term ceasefire agreement that would bring benefits to the comic.

"The terrorist attack that ended in a miracle is a warning sign for the Israeli government, instead of thinking about the benefits to the Palestinians in Gaza, now is the time to strengthen security in Gush Etzion, both with targeted deterrence and with extra resources to protect the settlements, "said Moshe Saville.

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