TASS: Society and Culture – Patriarch Kirill to lead the liturgy on the occasion of the Ascension in the Cathedral of the Kremlin

MOSCOW, August 28. / TASS /. Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on Tuesday 28 August. This is one of the twelve great festivals in the annual liturgical cycle of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

"On the occasion of the party, Patriarch Kirill will lead a liturgy in the morning in the Cathedral of the Kremlin Redemption Center in Moscow and in the evening with the next cemetery of the Mother of God in the Cathedral of the Redeemer" Patriarch's press service said.

The Sacred Tradition, a crucial element of the Christian dogmatic teaching together with the Holy Scriptures, suggests that the Virgin Mary died at the age of 72 fifteen years after the resurrection of Jesus in Jerusalem. She spent the last years of her life in the house of John the Apostle who would later write the fourth Gospel.

"We would like everyone to end our lives with the divine assumption," said Rev. Yevgeny Popichenko, the head of the social services department in the Yekaterinburg metropolitan district. "In our Slavic language, the word & # 39; uspeniye & # 39; [assumption or dormition, literally meaning ‘the falling asleep’ – TASS] is consonant, not only with sleep, but also with & # 39; maturity & # 39 ;, & # 39; maturity & # 39; and & # 39; success & # 39 ;. In other words, it means the enumeration of a species, the harvesting of fruit, the time that the human soul is ripe and suitable for the better life. "

Christians mark the Feast of Ascension with special ceremony in the garden of Gethsemane in East Jerusalem, where a church was built above the supposed funeral cave of the Virgin Mary.

On this day a procession draws straight through the streets of Jerusalem and people decorate buildings with garlands of green vegetation and throw flowers at the procession from the rooftops.

In Russia, the faithful also adorn church buildings with flowers at this festival.

Countless monasteries and churches are dedicated to the Assumption in Russia. One of them is the main cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, which was the coronation site of the Grand Dukes of the Duchy of Muscovy and later of all Russian Tsars until the last Czar of the Romanov Dynasty, Nicholas II.

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