The first red heifer born in 2000 years, signals the end of the day

The Temple Institute has announced the birth of a completely red female calf that "brings the promise to restore biblical purity in the world".

Interestingly, the allusions to red heifers can be seen in stories about the end of time in both Christianity and Judaism.

According to a news published in The Sun, it is said that the birth and sacrifice of the cow continue the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

According to the theologies, the construction of the Third Temple – after the destruction of the previous two – heralds the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

In addition, several evangelical-Christian theologians have connected the Third Temple building with the Day of Judgment.

According to Rabbi Chain Richman, director of the Temple Institute, the birth of the red heifer suggests that time could be good for the Third Temple.

On their way to their YouTube page, The Temple Institute announced the birth of the red heifer.

The video contains a glimpse of the red calf and the mother.

The cow apparently went through research by rabbinical experts who confirmed that it was a viable candidate for the biblical red heifer.

However, they admitted that the cow could be disqualified by natural causes.

The Raise a Red Heifer program was established by the Temple Institute three years ago and they have tried to breed a perfect red cow.

Frozen embryos from red angus cows have been imported and implanted in traditional Israeli domestic cows, reports Breaking Israel News.

The newborn red heifer was verified by a rabbiical council of the Temple Institute to meet the prophesied requirements.

Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible states that the cow must be red "without blemish", has not worked.

Accounts state that there have been nine real heifers in history and the 10th will announce the construction of the Third Temple.

The Temple Institute believes that a red heifer will be required to be beaten to complete the purification ritual for the temple – and to announce the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

While red heifers were once found by the organization, they were disqualified because they did not meet the prophetic standards.

One was found in 1999, but was disqualified because it was male – and a second was born in 2002, which was found to have a white hair.

Evangelical Christians believe that the construction of the Third Temple will announce their own end-time prophecy.

The prophecy has even been linked to the American President Donald Trump who has moved the American embassy to Jerusalem.

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