The Israel Bible hits the road, inspires Israel and Bible engagement in America

And the many peoples will go and say, "Come, let us go up to Mount Hashem, to the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us in His ways, and that we may walk in His paths." will come from Tzion, the word of HaShem from Yerushalayim. Isaiah 2: 3 (The Israel Bible ™)

Last month, "The Israel Bible"Hit the road and inspired both Jewish and non-Jewish Americans while Rabbi Tuly Weisz continued to promote his 70th anniversary edition of "The Israel Bible"- already one bestseller on Amazon.

Traveling from New Jersey to Miami from 12 to 25 August and many cities in between – Weisz promoted the world's first Tenach centered around the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the dynamic relationship between them, complete with the original Hebrew text , transliteration of select Hebrew verses and the translation of the New Jewish Publication Society.

Weisz, a native of Ohio, emigrated to the Jewish homeland before publishing "The Israel Bible" and became director of Israel365, hoping to involve Jews and Christians in the Bible and the land of Israel in the context of the golden age of the Jewish-Christian relations.

With a clear goal in mind to teach Jews and Christians about their shared biblical heritage and the role Israel plays in the Torah, "The Israel Bible" was exhibited in a Barnes and Noble bookstore, synagogues, Christians
television program & # 39; s and churches. According to Weisz, the diversity of his hosts speaks to the general public of "The Israel Bible" – produced and read by Jews but also inspiring the Christian audience who, according to Weisz, do not often hear about Israel.

His tour brought a vital part of Israel to the United States.

"It was special for me to be back at the Easton Barnes and Noble store with" The Israel Bible, "Weisz said. Breaking Israel news, recalling good memories of his birthplace book store.

Weisz also led a Bible study in the Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus, Ohio, where he worked as a rabbi for five years.

In addition to personal signatures and community visits, Weisz appeared on various television programs, including an interview with Dante Thompson, CEO of Dove Broadcasting in Greenville, SC and on Club30 TV with Earl Cox or Israel Always in Augusta, GA.

Also in Augusta Weisz presented Dorothy Spaulding, president of Watchmen Broadcasting WBPI, with "The Israel Bible" alongside Cox, Dr. Cary Summers, CEO of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC and IDF Brig.-Gen. (Res.) Yechiel Gozal, CEO of Yachad L & # 39; man Hachayal.

Summers, whose purpose it was "sharing about the Bible Museum and the story of Israel as stated in the Bible," spoke about the harmony between his mission and the mission of "The Israel Bible." "We want to involve all people in the study of the Bible," he said Breaking Israel news.

"Tuly's mission is to enable the students of the Bible to look deeper into the Hebrew text, while the mission of the Museum of the Bible is to connect all people with the Bible through its history, stories and impact, "Summers said.

He expressed his concern that "we have one of our lowest times in history in the United States".

What is at stake, he said, is society as a whole, and the solution lies in the most influential book in the world: the Bible.

"When hope is gone, societies change into chaos," he insisted. "The Bible is the most burnt, the most banished, the most talked about book of all time and it's still the best-selling book from year to year." There's something very powerful about that book and it's the only book in the world that can hope. offer. & # 39;

Based on the reaction of "The Israel Bible" tour, perhaps the book does exactly that.

Weisz and Summers claimed that the great response they received illustrates that they were able to achieve their common goals.

"In the program with Dorothy Spaulding she was so enthusiastic about what" The Israel Bible "represents, she started throwing it for me," said Weisz, referring to Spaulding's support for the Bible as a physical manifestation of the budding unit between Jews and Christians.

"Television and radio hosts in the biblical belt were grateful to have guests from Israel because they love Israel and the Jewish people – they talk about Israel on their programs day in and day out, and teach viewers about the importance of Israel , "suggested Weisz.

"Seeing that they have allies in Israel was encouraging for them and even more encouraging for me to see such a reaction in areas where there is no Jewish community," he said. "Being so far away from Israel, but feeling the love was a great experience for me."

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