The lives of young men in the IDF will reduce even more

Срок службы юношей в ЦАХАЛе сократят еще сильнее

According to Israeli television, the young men of the country can still expect a military indulgence – the IDF is preparing to shorten the period of military service for two months. That is, from 32 to 30 months. According to "Hadashot", innovation should come into effect from 2020.

The Ministry of Finance proposes to go further and to go further to shorten the lives of boys in the army for 4 months. The reason is obvious with Finance – saving. According to the authorities, it will bring the Treasury 3 billion shekels. However, the IDF is not ready.

This is part of a five-year Gideon plan that was agreed by the ministries of defense and finance in 2015.

It is unclear how this is in line with the premier "security Concept 2030" presented last week, where billions of shekels are invested in the defense sector.

Minister of Construction major general reserve Yoav GALANT promised in every way possible to prevent the reduction of the period of military service. He recalled that recently, about three years ago, it has already been reduced by four months – from 36 to 32 months.

"The reduction of compulsory service for two months, after four months of reduction, corresponding to a reduction of the fourth part of the standing army, Israel has no other army that will protect its security. stop in the cabinet and the government, "he warned.


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