Two dead at outdoor rave in northern Israel; drug overdose suspected – Israel News

Two men died after taking part in the Neverland electronic music festival near Kibbutz Lehavot HaBashan in the Upper Galilee on Monday.

The cause of death is still unclear, with police investigating one of the men, a 55-year-old resident or Ashkelon resident, died of a drug overdose. The other man, 27, or Kiryat Shmona, died of massive organ failure at hospital a few hours after he was admitted.

A 20-year-old man was at the hospital with moderate injuries, as was a young woman who fell and sustained slight injuries to her face.

The Upper Galilee Regional Council said that the festival's producers had obtained the necessary permits for the event. "But, the council added," a tragedy like the one that happened today is the reason we have decided on what to do in our council's jurisdiction. "

"There were lots of people who did drugs," a woman who attended the festival told Haaretz. She added that she had heard about the deaths and that she had ended several hours early. Several other people said that the police had told them that they had to leave and that because the festival was ending early due to an unusual event.

Among the musicians performing at Neverland – staged for the eighth consecutive year – were the local acts Infected Mushroom, Bliss and Astral Projection and quite a few international performers. The organizers described the event as "celebrating the psychedelic journey of each person individually and collectively. We celebrate the connection to roots, the sense of tribe, mutual responsibility and service to the community and of course the celebration of progress that planet earth has to offer. "

Last year, a young woman, Tohar David, who died at the outdoor rave party in the south. The investigation concluded that she had stuck and collapsed and delayed her calling for help, a few days later. According to testimony by party-goers released in August, a DJ suggested giving David cocaine to stabilize her: "I said they could give you four lines because they say the effects of drug duties before," he said.

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