UN boss outlines four options for increased Palestinian protection – PNN

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres advised either UN-mandated forces or unarmed observers and requested enhanced protection for Palestinian civilians.

Guterres outlined four options, two of which would probably yield a veto from the American deputy Nikki Haley.

The first is to provide armed UN peacekeepers or armed forces of cooperating states under a mandate from the United Nations to provide physical protection, an option that the ally of Israel, the United States, is likely to reject.

A UN observer mission or a non-UN observer mission could be specifically provided to report on issues of protection and well-being, as well as local mediation. This can also be rejected by the United States.

The third option would be to expand the already existing UN programs for development, humanitarian aid and strengthening of Palestinian institutions.

The last option would be to encourage UN monitoring of the situation and to increase the visibility of the UN in the Palestinian region.

The report that produced these suggestions was the result of the veto of the United States against a similar resolution in the 15-member United Nations Security Council.

Guterres said that the best way to maintain security for Palestinian citizens is to continue to negotiate a comprehensive, just and definitive settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict & # 39 ;.


UN boss outlines four options for increased Palestinian protection - PNN

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