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The police opened an investigation into a video released last night on social networks and on which an injured woman could be seen on the floor of the Wolfson Hospital.

The incident occurred after the woman who arrived at the hospital asked to know when she would receive treatment. According to the couple, a guard approached her, moved her from the counter, slapped her head against the wall, and continued to beat her, even after she lay on the floor.

The hospital claims that the couple has attacked the medical staff and guards who were forced to respond and that the video did not match the incident as it happened.

Wolfson Hospital said in response that the video does not describe the entire incident. & # 39; Last Friday night, the emergency room at the Wolfson Medical Center was attacked by a couple that was documented in a video that is now being circulated on social networks. The couple were asked to leave the emergency room because they were acting unreasonably and continuously against our security agents.

"Unfortunately, the information distributed on social networks is based on video" s that people made at the end of the incident and the entire incident is not documented, "she added at the hospital. "Wolfson Medical Center condemns all violent acts and tries to eradicate it by all means and we are forbidden to expand, as the case is currently under police investigation."

Police said: "Last Friday, around 11 pm, the reporting line received a report of an attack in Wolfson Hospital, where the police arrived and met a couple (52, from Holon) and a security crew.

"A check showed that the medical staff in the first aid department asked the woman to leave the counter and when she refused, security agents were called in. On the other hand, the couple claimed that the security officers were attacking them and caused them to bruise. in the police against the security agents, and this morning the guards were questioned under the warning about a suspicion of illegal use of force, "said the police.

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