We try to keep doctors in Israel

At the opening ceremony for the Ariel University
Faculty of Medicine Sunday, Deputy Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman spoke about the difficulties involved
when keeping young Israeli doctors in the country.

"Two and a half months ago I visited the United States and talked to many Jewish doctors, but unfortunately there are departments where the majority (of doctors) is Israeli, and I can get a doctor who receives a meager salary here in Israel. not to say that he can not accept a more lucrative position in the United States, "Litzman said.

  Yaakov Litzman (Photo: Amit Huber)

Yaakov Litzman (Photo: Amit Huber)

He talked about the efforts being made to keep doctors in Israel by giving them full-time work and increase their salaries.

"My comfort is that doctors who have spent a long time abroad, return and serve as department heads here in Israel," added Litzman. "But we need them here every day."

Dep. Minister Litzman also discussed the major inequalities in medical care
between the center and the periphery of the country. "The periphery is a few years behind the center, which means that they lead a shorter life, even three years is considerable, we have to close the gap and I think that by increasing the number of doctors we will do that."

Litzman said the Ministry of Health is working to increase the number of MRI and PET-CT machines in hospitals in the periphery of the country.

  Litzman, sitting between President Rivlin, Minister of Education Bennett (photo: Amit Huber)

Litzman, sitting between President Rivlin, Minister of Education Bennett (Photo: Amit Huber)

A month ago, the Higher Education Council approved the establishment of the Ariel University Medical School, which will join the existing five: University of Tel Aviv, Technion, Hebrew University, Ben Gurion and Bar Ilan University.

Critics say that the medical industry is not yet ready to take on additional medical trainees. "The system can not accommodate more students because it is limited by the number of hospital beds needed for the clinical studies that are part of the last three years of medical training," said Hebrew University President Prof. dr. Asher Cohen.

According to Prof. Cohen, "the opening of a new medical faculty will only harm the current students, the quality of their education, patients and the entire public health system," he said. "There are insufficient internships at hospitals, which can lead to an extension of their school year and the end result will no longer be doctors.

"In order to increase the number of doctors in Israel, it is necessary to increase the number of hospital beds needed for clinical trials, so that the existing medical faculties can accept and train more students as physicians. to paint is incorrect, "Cohen claimed.

Minister Naftali Bennett of Education said opposition to the opening of the new medical faculty: "Many tried to stop this and it should be said that there is a university cartel in Israel." They also tried to establish the first private school Israel to halt … One and a half years ago we stated that a medical faculty will be established here and that is it. "

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