Why do evangelicals teach Jews in the West Bank?

Let's say you are Jewish. Your children decide to make aliyah (moving to Israel), along with their teenage children. They move to Ariel, an important settlement on the West Bank, founded in 1976 and the home of about 20,000 Jews. You are a little disappointed; apart from politics, you would have preferred Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. But hey – it's their life.

Your daughter tells you that her son – your grandson – is part of a leadership program for young Israeli Jews based in Ariel.

OK – great.

But then she tells you that it is leadership program is designed by Christian evangelicals.

Send that thank you letter to Naftali Bennett, the head of the settler party Habayit Hayehudi. Under his leadership, the Israeli Ministry of Education sponsors that leadership training program. Yes, run by Christian evangelicals.

The initiative is the brainchild of Heather Johnston. Heather and her husband, Reverend Bruce Johnston, own and run a large Christian retreat center in northern California called JH Ranch. They have taken a large number of Israeli school children to the center. It now has a branch in Ariel. Thousands of Israeli school children will be present every year.

The JH Israel website states:

The Israeli Ministry of Education plans to finance 3,000 – 4,000 students. But there are many more who want to come – they just can not afford it. Some are orphans who live in boarding schools. Others can be children of immigrants, whose parents have trouble getting by. Many are future leaders in Israel. The need for strong values ​​and moral character in leadership has never been so evident. Through the National Leadership Center, JH Israel works directly with Israeli leaders to develop a biblical, values-based educational initiative to meet this need.

First, why does the Israeli government give the teaching of biblical values ​​to evangelical Christians?

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