Light and gas, how to save on the bill

This prevented consumers from getting an idea of ​​the benefits of light and gas for the free market.

But thanks to the Comparasemplice comparator, everything is now simpler. Through the comparison search engine it is possible to compare offers and save money. Households are known to have a heavy impact on the economic balance of a family. For this reason, it is necessary to know the different types of light and gas contracts to choose the best and most suitable offer.
You can find ComparaSemplice in the sections relating to light and gas products discounts, promotions and produce linked to the chosen offer. To take the decision with more awareness and evaluate the validity of each tariff proposal.
So you can not simply choose which manager to orient, but what is the best offer and the real chance of economic savings. On the site there is also an area that the opinions about suppliers, so you have one feedback about the different managers.

Placet contract

In addition to different types of contracts for light and gas, there is one standard contract who takes the name of it placet (in Latin it means "like") but in reality it stands for the initials of Price free A Conditions for protection.
Starting with 1 January 2018all electricity and gas suppliers must guarantee mixed model offers to the consumer, with standard conditions and easy comparison.
With this in mind, in addition to making different types of contracts available to users, all companies will have to present at least one placet contract, which can be compared with the placet contracts of the other companies, to make a targeted comparison and an overview. of all offers available in the sector.
The placet contracts are aimed at both domestic and business users and in this large family there is also the difference between contracts with fixed or variable prices, both for gas and electricity, while for electricity an agreement can be chosen that has a unariario price ( which does not change during the day) and imposes a price of several hours (lower during the night and at the weekend).

Free market and more protection, differences

Currently there are two types of markets for the supply of electricity and gas.
One is the better protection market, which represents a transitional and gradual arrangement from the monopoly of destruction to full liberalization of the market. In this type of market, the trend in the cost of raw materials is changing on the basis of various factors that influence the national and international wholesale market.
In case of free marketthose who choose the prices of the raw material are exactly the suppliers in a system of free competition. This could be a strategy aimed at ensuring that managers can control themselves, thus maintaining lower and lower rates and further promoting competition.

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