minimum 38 years of contributions, threshold increase to 101, 102, 103 and 104

It could become one quota 100 "mobile", the early retirement obtained from the sum of the age of exit achieved and premiums accrued. According to the rumors relating to what was recently signed in the Economic and Financial Document update memorandum, you are actually introducing the Guesthouses to quota 100, strongly desired by Matteo Salvini and from Luigi Di Maiowould lead to a flexible quota system that marks the return pensions of seniority, with exceedences of the sum of age and contributions in relation to the threshold of 100. It is the calculation that, in today's edition, republic based on possible limits that could be introduced in the reform of the pensions with the intention to meet the requirements of the early pensions and provided with old age by law Fornero [VIDEO].

Early pensions with departure at quota 100: & # 39; mobile & # 39; requirements of the Salvini-Di Maio reform

The daily actually confirms the minimum age of exit with the early retirement to quota 100, to be set at 62 years. A jump back of 5 years compared to the required requirements, from January 1, 2019, for the board old age. The further share in the minimum contribution can, however, inflate the sum & # 39; leading to 100, crossing the threshold and making it mobile. In fact, the rumors would show that, in order to increase government spending on reforming it pensions and to keep within the limit of seven billion euros between the items of the Budget Act 2019, a minimum number of years of 38 contributions can be requested.This limit is derived from the minimum combination of age and contributions to arrive at the quota 100that is, the age of 62 and the rest of the contributions.

Outside this combination, the minimum number of contributions remains unchanged at 38 (but it is assumed that the minimum can also be set at 37 or 36), the quota 100 it would become mobile and the sum would override the minimum threshold early retirement [VIDEO].

Age requirements and quotas for early retirement 100: retirement from 2019

This mechanism is so true, so easy to verify for ages after the minimum of 62 years, necessary for the exit with early retirement to quota 100. Indeed, given the age of exit next year, or 63 years, with a minimum of 38 years, in reality the quota 100 it would be quota 101 [VIDEO]. The ages of exit studied for quota 100 they also provide retirement at 64, 65 and 66, with progress that is progressively narrowing compared to pensions age at 67 years. At the age of 64 and with a minimum of 38 years of contributions it is part it would be 102, at 65 we would reach 103 and 66 at 104, and make the sum of contributions with age.

The possible consequences of this mechanism of early retirement, anticipates republic, especially in the coming years would be felt to spend pensions. Indeed, if the expenditure for 2019 of the reform of it pensions with the quota mechanism it would have to be about seven billion euros, the new system board seniority, under regime, would require more than double expenditure, with the 15-16 billion euros being provided after six years.

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