Turin, price linked to the targets up to 2150 euros for 6 thousand Ferrero employees

The premium linked to the targets for the 6,000 employees of the Ferrero Group's Italian plants is a maximum of EUR 2,150 gross. The agreement was reached by the company and the trade unions.

During the meeting, according to the national collective labor agreement, Ferrero provided information on market developments, prospects for the production of the company, investment programs for Italian factories and business units, employment trends and initiatives taken by the company's current complementary agreement.

The management trends of the company were examined and the amount of the premium was determined on the basis of two parameters: the economic result, unique for the entire company (which contributes to determine 30% of the premium), and the operating result (70%) of the premium) linked to the specific trend of each establishment / region. The price, which has no influence on managers, will be paid in October.

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