we will do the 500 "green" in Italy

«FCA plans to launch a 500 green family that is designed and produced in Italy». The clarification, important and expected after the plan presented until June 20 in Balocco, comes from President John Elkann, at the Feast of the Knights of Labor in Turin. «We are planning to launch a 500 green family – he added – that is environmentally friendly, with hybrid and electric motors». Elkann's speech, which also talked about the group's dedication to autonomous driving, comes at a very delicate moment.

In fact, the trade unions are asking for clarity about the future of the factories in the country. And for Mike Manley, regarding the new head of the European market (the name of Pietro Gorlier only misses the official, planned at the beginning of the week) promises to be a hot autumn. The nodes that need to be solved are industrial and contractual nodes. The development plan of the group 2022, illustrated by the late Sergio Marchionne, by Manley himself and by the cfo Richard Palmer, must change into concrete facts. The trade unions are starting to assume nervousness in this respect and as expected.

Indeed, Marchionne's commemorations ended and once Gorlier was appointed head of the EMEA (Europe, Africa and the Middle East) the first answers will have to come, also in the light of the recent recourse to redundancies in the various institutions including those from which the engines come out. "Pomigliano and Mirafiori are the issues that need to be addressed immediately – says Ferdinando Uliano, Fim Cisl national secretary – who makes clear investments. For the Campania factory the shock absorbers are limited and for the area around Turin they are exhausted. There is no time anymore. The real challenge awaiting the new FCA summits is precisely the timing of the implementation of the announced projects. We asked for an emergency meeting with Mr Manley and the future responsible for the European market ».

Uliano then raises the picture: "If we do not have answers in October, a confrontation between trade unions and the company will be inevitable".

Also in October, the trade unions that sign the FCA and Cnh Industrial contract will submit proposals for the extension of the collective agreement which expires on 31 December and involves 80 thousand people. Between the application of the business plan and the negotiations on the new contract, Manley and his new team will have a baptism of fire. In Italy, where the Fiat was born that managed to climb – and save – the Chrysler, unlike the United States, the comparison is in fact with more trade union abbreviations without forgetting the opponents, by a Fiom and Cobas party. Italy is a bureaucratic and complicated reality for Manley to be discovered.

At the World Show (now only on paper, given the many shortcomings) of Paris, planned for next week, there will also be FCA among the big absents, represented only by Maserati. It will be interesting to see who will pay tribute at the stand, given the fact that tomorrow morning we have to know, next to Gorlier, the head of Emea, whether the German engineer Harald Wester is back at the wheel of the Trident is put. In Paris, the Agnelli group will also be represented by Ferrari, controlled by Exor, with his "barchette" Monza Sp1 and Sp2 presented in preview on the day of the capital markets in Maranello. For Louis Casey Camilleri, neo ad of Cavallino rampante, the first public appointment with an Autosalon will take place on another occasion.

Both he and vice president Piero Ferrari will not intervene in the world launch of the two new racing cars. To respond to the curiosity of the journalists Enrico Galliera, commercial and marketing director, technical manager Michael Hugo Leiters and the director of the Centro Stile, Flavio Manzoni.

Finally, after Moody & # 39; s (outlook from stable to positive), Dbrs was also pronounced at FCA: rating to BB (high) of BB (low), with stable prospects.

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