the entrance to Lory Del Santo and the first elimination

the second episode the Big Brother Vip 3it will broadcast Monday, October 1, 2018 in the early evening at Canale 5. Episode in which there will be surprises and emotions, that theentry in the Cinecittà house of Lory Del Santo [VIDEO] and the first elimination of this third edition. For days, the debate about the expediency or not of the participation of the soubrette of Venetian origin to reality, a month after the tragic death of the son Loren. However, she herself has stated in the preceding weeks that access to the GF could be a kind of therapy for her to overcome the pain. In the Monday delivery we will also be present at the first elimination of this third edition.

The televoting is still open and viewers can choose to eliminate between a group of ten nominated competitors.

Lory Del Santo enters the house of GF Vip in the second episode

A week after the interview with Silvia Toffanin at Verissimo, where Lory Del Santo revealed the family drama that is alive, the Venetian actress and director will help her entrance to the red door of Cinecittà. A choice that has encouraged many discussions and divides public opinion [VIDEO]. Participation in the Big Brother Vip at a distance of only one month from the tragic death of his son Loren (as explained by Del Santo to Verissimo), he can give her the opportunity to partially relieve the enormous pain she is experiencing.

Standing in the midst of other people, according to Lory's thought, could help her get out of that apathy that has been holding her for a month now. How will the other tenants of Parliament welcome and especially how will the viewers react? We will find the following October 1 when Lory Del Santo will officially become a competitor of Big Brother Vip 3.

GF Vip 3, episode 1 October: first elimination

After a week living together in the house of the Big Brother Vip, the competitors are preparing to the first elimination of this third edition. For the first time in the history of Reality Show, there are no less than ten competitors nominations and therefore the viewers will be called to express their preference under a very large rose. Who of Jane Alexander, Le Donatella, the chef Mainardi, Elias, Francesco Monte, Lisa Fusco, Martina, Walter Nudo, Enrico Silvestrin and Stefano Sala will have to leave the house?

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