& # 39; Gerry Scotti arrives at L & # 39; Eredità & # 39 ;: Flavio Insinna upset

Flavio and Gerry

A competitor of L & # 39; Eredità calls the host of The Wall: that is the reason

Despite the holidays, The Legacy continues regularly. In the last episode of 2018 something extraordinary happened that drove all the public away from home, but also the internet users.

Gerry Scotti, opponent of Flavio Insinna, has landed in the game broadcast in the early evening of the first public network. In what sense? Did Fabrizio Frizzi go from Rome to his studies? Let's see what really happened.

Gerry Scotti mentioned in the Rai Uno game show

Flavio Insinna was speechless about a competitor's response The Legacy. Everything happened on New Year's Eve. It has not been a surprise to colleagues since Gerry Scotti was simultaneously broadcast on channel 5 with The wall, the direct opponent of the Roman actor. The host of Pavia was named by a competitor of the Rai Uno game.

A real & # 39;stitch& # 39; For Insinna. Specifically, the game of the last episode of 2018 included customizing some characters of the show with a number of favorite dishes. When the name & # 39; Jerry & # 39; appeared on the LED, the respective competitor & # 39; Scotti e Riso & # 39; Answer that has literally moved Flavio Insinna that did not expect something like that.

Gerry Scotti pauses and makes way for Avanti, another with Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti

And while The Legacy Flavio Insinna will continue until the late spring, on Channel 5 there will be a relay in a few days. In detail Gerry Scotti will make room for the linked Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti.

On 6 January 2019 the last episode of The wall, while the next day, Monday 7 will always restart a new edition at 18:50 Send a new one. The fun game lasts until the end of April and gives the place back to Gerry Scotti with a brand new game, Countdown.

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