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4 tricks to send anonymous messages

Anonymous SMS secretsConsumers must or want to ship often anonymous posts not to reveal anyone's identity; some telephone companies such as Tim, wind, Vodafone and 3 Italy allow their customers to send anonymous text messages with simple codes.

For this reason it is not necessary to rely on online or advertising services applications from our smartphone; in fact to send an anonymous text message Tim, wind, Vodafone or 3 Italy it is sufficient to know a specific code.

Anonymous SMS: here you can send them with Tim, Wind, Vodafone and 3 Italia

All clients Vodafone anyone who has to send an anonymous SMS must enter the following code: s(Space)recipient number(Space)text; after the sms has been written, the sender must send it to the number 4895894 and costs a price of 0.50 cents.

All clients wind If you want to send an anonymous SMS, you must enter a different formula: *k[spazio]k # s[spazio]message text; in this case, the sender must send the anonymous message directly to the recipient's number and bear the cost of 0.15 cents.

customers Tim To send one or more anonymous SMS messages, type the following formula: ANON(Space)recipient number(Space)text from message; customers must pay 0.31 eurocents and send the message to the number 44933.

Finally customers 3 Italy will have to enter a different formula to send one or more anonymous text messages: recipient number(Space)message text; the sender will have to send his anonymous sms to the number 48383 and the costs are equal to 0.50 eurocents.

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