Amadeus reveals a secret of the songs in competition

The festival, pandemic permitting, is postponed to March: Amadeus continues to pick the rose of the great singers who will participate. 300 bran has already arrivedI


The conductor disclosed that in the songs who has already listened “fortunately there is no mention of Covid “. Together with him, who is presenter and artistic director for the second year in a row, sul also Fiorello and Jovanotti on stage.

Sanremo 2021, postponed to March, pandemic permitting

Amadeus, that was it confirmed come announcer e art director for the second consecutive year he has already been at work every list from singers major players who will perform at the festival. That is slipped a March but what we will have to contend with the progress of the pandemic. In an interview with the Messenger the conductor, who is accompanied by Fiorello e Jovanotti, he talked about the songs he has already received that are already 300 and revealed that no of this talk about Covid, approving the song authors’ choice not to talk about it, as if to say, “Enough we have already given.”

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Sanremo, Amadeus: “the songs don’t talk about Covid”


Amadeus says it’s inside full activity to hear the songs that came and said that Fortunately, none of them talk about Covid and that a hundred of these really beautiful. The conductor told it Messenger

300 songs have already arrived, no songs about Covid, thank goodness, and a hundred are really good. There is everything and every kind. I already know that I am spoiled for choice. Fortunately, I would like to throw a big party to celebrate the rebirth of the music world, so affected by the virus, and of all of us.

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Sanremo, Amadeus: “Reorganize yes, but with the audience present”

Amadeus reiterated the importance, pandemic under control, from reorganize everything that revolves around the festival and its importance here I am also public

Let’s hope to arrive in March with the pandemic under control, knowing that everything still needs to be reorganized: theater, press room and city. People must be able to come and be safe. There will certainly be an audience at the Ariston ”.

Along with Amadeus also Fiorello and Jovanotti

Next Amadeus, pure Fiorello and also Jovanotti. The presenter said that Jovanotti “one friend and like Fiorello he can come and do whatever he wants. We exchanged messages however we haven’t heard from each other yet”.

Indiscretions say that, in addition to Jovanotti and Fiorello, who was reconfirmed immediately after the end of the previous festival, he could also be present Gerry Scotti, whose presence had disappeared in the 2020 edition due to work problems of the conductor.

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