and you? Calahnoglu, sleep peacefully. Covid and VAR, Italian-style cakes. Nice to see Braida again

The praise is numerous, some perhaps genuine. In general, however, the feeling is that in Milan very few people believe in it, starting with some staunch skeptical fans: judging a professional team that does not lose 10 months and that only according to the upheavals caused by Covid, scores at least 2 goals per game , it seems a bit simplistic to me. It is certain, I agree with Antonio Conte, that the home away factor has been canceled: affecting the empty stadiums, see Villarreal and Leicester at the top of Liga and Premier and, why not, Milan in Italy. But minimizing the temporary (perhaps lasting) structural crises of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Inter and Juventus, Tottenham and City, and Liverpool’s initial hiccups, is not objective. It is certain that these great clubs will recover, these great teams will come back, but the Rossoneri are a separate phenomenon, built with technical intelligence, with very good tactical and psychological components, resulting in a solid group on the field. and have a solid mind. . I think they are the first to believe in it, in championships and podium numbers: the Pioli players. Hunger, self-esteem, and determination can work wonders in this difficult time.

I have always believed in energies, in karma, in influences: the gravitational pull of the moon is greater on liquid particles than on solid particles, which is why tides occur. The level of the seas and oceans usually rises when the moon is closer to the Earth and, on the contrary, falls when it is further away, so on the other side. There are streams of energy: it would be nice if those of the Rossoneri fans were all optimistic and familiar, even though they cannot be heard from the stands, but living outside is sinking the environment anyway. We must think positively, not be satisfied. Anyone who experienced Zaccheroni’s championship in 1999 knows what I’m talking about. Whatever happens, I remain convinced that the Rossoneri will lose a few games this season: seen and confirmed their anger and hunger against Verona before, when at one point the partial in the last 2 hours of play was 0-5 between Lille and yellow and blue, they comfort me.

To achieve unthinkable or unexpected goals, you naturally need the best players at their best. For 10 months, Calahnoglu has been decisive, a pillar even though an involved thread has appeared in the last few releases. On the table is his contract extension: normal that he wants to make money, normal that Milan wants to respect the guideline imposed on the property and which is respected by the management, also ethically. Here something important is born with the colors, the brand and a flag that is among the most successful and famous in the world. Those who want to stay, like Donnarumma and Ibrahimovic, will find the solution. If Calah wills, she will be in her case too. Otherwise, we will still sleep peacefully: Milan’s history continues. The protagonists change cyclically, the karma of a winning club does not change.

There is no doubt that Romagnoli made two errors against Udinese and Lilla when tackling his opponents in the area, but the penalties that followed were seriously generous. In the Europa League there is no VAR and therefore amen, but in the competition the VAR (see Milan-Verona …) does exist. Such as the coronavirus. The difference is that in all the other countries where this tool exists, the controversy is practically gone because the referees in England, Spain, Germany and France are not prima donna’s, but silent ball waiters. Here we are arrogant and overbearing protagonists who decide the matches based on their mood. As for COVID, it exists all over the world and Italy has been referred to as the country that encountered it first and best and resisted great expense. Today, because of the cunning and bunglers of the ball, we are again the ones with the nature of villains in the eyes of others. The protocols of the VAR and the virus exist in football, very clear and simple: it would be enough to respect them so as not to be reminded of them as the ordinary Italians again. How it would be enough to respect many very simple rules of life to avoid becoming villains and bunglers.

I conclude with a greeting to Ariedo Braida: in an era when the over-65s are just a statistic or data to be processed, Cremonese relies on her experience and professionalism to grow. I greet him with a loving hug, it will certainly go well.

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