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Anna Tatangelo, the adidas suit at Domenica In (+ caption at Ig)

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Anna Tatangelo like many other protagonists of the Sanremo 2019 festival that ended on the evening of 9 February, she was a guest at Mara Venier in Sunday and for the occasion (which also had some moments of tension with a journalist) he showed the streetwear clothing we needed after all evening dresses in Sanremo.

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Anna Tatangelo, the suit on Sunday

A Sunday, Anna Tatangelo he was wearing one adidas suit black with the classic bands of the brand on one side. the black suit by Anna Tatangelo it is one jumpsuit with the sleek top and flared palace effect, elegant but with a distinct street-wear and casual allure, which we really do not just like because it was very good – Anna has the jumpsuit jumpsuit from adidas a few sneakers white, immediately isolated – but also because Anna Tatangelo on Instagram he placed the photo of his appearance with a very important caption.

"Music unites … it does not share !!! 😉✌🏻 Thanks Sanremo❤️" wrote Anna Tatangelo under the photo marking the end of her experience Sanremo with the song Our souls & # 39; night and winks with a smile at all the polemics that followed Mahmood's victory with money (here you can read the text and its meaning).

But that Anna Tatangelo a Sunday with the adidas black suit would not have disappointed us to look, we could even imagine it after we had seen her on the stage of the Ariston for the finale of Sanremo, during which – very excited – had performed wrapped in a long velvet dress by Atelier Emé with a deep neckline on the back that was fine.

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