Arkham Knight gets an update after five years –

Batman: Arkham Knight hit the market five years ago and it’s not quite a live service title, so it might seem strange to have one Updating now from Rocksteady, but it did.

The new patch Batman: Arkham Knight has been made available in recent hours and in particular allows you to unlock the skin from Anime Batman and Zur En Arrh Batman, as well as other possible arrangements within the standard game update.

Previously, both skins could only be unlocked via theaccount online WBplay, in this way they are instead made available to everyone without distinction. The reason is also the fact that the online account in question practically no longer exists, so there was no point in linking the content exclusively to that platform.

Rocksteady interprets it as “a small gift for the Christmas season“and that’s why we gladly accept it, with both costumes looking very special in style.

For the rest, as we know, the Batman universe will move on in quite a different way than what we’ve seen so far with Gotham Knights, which is not part of the Arkham series, whose sequel is instead represented by Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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