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BENEDETTA MAZZA / Stefano Room divided between the model and Dasha Kina (Big Brother Vip)

Benedetta Mazza It is very sad to say "goodbye" to Stefano Sala. The model is in fact one of the nominees of the week and could leave the house during the live Monday, November 26, 2018. Meanwhile, the house begins to hear the arrival of the final: three weeks the competitors divide the end of this adventure. Once the reality show is over, everyone will return to his life; Stefano Sala in particular will have to deal with his life for the GF VIP. Waiting for him outside the house, his daughter was born of a love affair with Dayane Mello and his girlfriend Dasha Kina. At the moment, however, things still seem unclear, as the model is very much taken by Benedetta with whom he has shared the experience. Meanwhile, the complicity between Stefano and Benedetta louder and outside there are female screams who have shocked the model. "Stefano, do you like Benedetta?" and "Stefano returns from Dasha" the shouts that shocked the boy. What will Stefano Sala do? (update by Emanuele Ambrosio)

The tears of Benedetta Mazza

It is desperate Benedetta Mazza a GF Vip 3at the helm Stefano Sala he must leave the house tonight. The model seems calm and does not take too much account of the possibility to go out, but the showgirl is convinced that there is always the possibility that this will happen. This is the reason why there were no tears in these last days of Cavern, although they were mostly hidden, living alone. It is clear that Benedetta does not want to show too much of her true state of mind: because of the camera's presence or not to reveal to what extent she cares about Stefano? A point that needs to be clarified, as Mazza has lost in the past what it feels for the model in light of the penetrating questions of commentator and conductor. On Sunday evening an interesting voice came from outside. A fan told her that a certain boy, whose name she did not understand, loves her. Whose is it? Benedetta says she knows nothing and indeed in an ironic way she replied with a "present me". The supporter's voice remains a mystery: the authors immediately increased the volume of the music to prevent the fan from replicating the message. In particular, the advice of Lory Del Santo, who on the occasion of the birthday of Benedetta has proposed to abandon the instinct, to have the courage to dare and want. Click here to view the video of Lory Del Santo at Benedetta Mazza.

Will he have to say goodbye to Stefano Sala?

Dusty days before Benedetta Mazza a GF Vip 2018while the hours shorten the division of an important sentence. We talk of course about the televoting in which Stefano Sala stands next to two other competitors, one of which is very strong: Walter Nudo. This new step can only affect the daily life of Benedetta, even if the two get the chance to see themselves outside, as promised by the model. What scares Mazza off is perhaps that he has no point of reference on which he could count in these two months of the program. And maybe even the fear that Stefano can see his girlfriend and decide to leave his current relationship intact. Benedetta is careful not to share too much with what she is currently experiencing on an emotional level, as she has revealed in the same room in the past. This is why we see it previously buttoned, convinced that it is not allowed to leak its true state of mind.

With the risk of elimination?

the Big Brother Vip 3 He still does not see it Benedetta Mazza to emerge as you expected. The showgirl has failed in this respect and will certainly not be able to overcome a possible televoting. Instead, it can only be saved if the authors decide to bypass the public's obstacle and nominate it directly as a finalist, without waiting for the viewers to vote. It seems unlikely, but because the interest in his flirtation with Stefano Sala has increased abroad, the last word is not said. The bookmakers remain firm on their predictions: once you leave Martina Hamdy, the next Benedetta. The competitors he now fights against are too strong, especially in the light of a weak showgirl strategy. Apparently it seems that there is not much interest at stake and maybe this is why there are so many revelations he could have made about his love story and not only. Just like her friend Martina, she chose to leave several doors closed that could have made the difference in the eyes of the public.

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