Big Brother Vip, Giacomo Urtis attracted by Tommaso Zorzi: “I like it”

Big Brother Vip’s new competitor indulges in unexpected revelations.

Turn from the scene to the Big Brother VIP. The surgeon Giacomo Urtis, now an official competitor of the reality show by Alfonso Signorini, he confessed to his friend Christian Malgioglio to be attracted Tommaso Zorzi.

Giacomo Urtis attracted by Tommaso Zorzi, confessing to Gf ​​Vip

Giacomo e Cristiano they found themselves talking about the behavior of Tommaso, went in utter desperation for the Francesco Oppini’s decision to leave the House of Big Brother VIP. “She’s quite desperate for me to leave” confessed the cosmetic surgeon to the noted commentator of Channel 5, who stated: “Sorry, he has to understand. He’s in love, it’s happening at 25”. ‘But he’s straight, what do you expect. I’m not saying that for Fra, who is a beautiful person, but … ‘ Urtis replied, probably ready to comfort the Milan influencer.

Other than friendship! For Urtis e Malgioglio, Zorzi would have fallen a big crush and not be the only one. To talk with Wild Rome, indeed, Giacomo revealed to her he was sentimentally interested in Tommaso, which, however, does not seem to answer. As we all know by now, his attention is focused only on Oppini.

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“He Loves Tommaso” he whispered Wild a Dayane Mello shameful Urtis: ‘But I’m kidding, don’t say that. We will see.’. What happens between the two? Will the surgeon be able to beat the young Milanese influencer? We will see.

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