Borsa Italiana, the commentary on today’s session (November 24, 2020)

Excellent start for Enel: the electric giant has presented the industrial plan for the three-year period 2021/2023. Bank stocks remain in the spotlight

square-business-greenThe main indices of the Italian stock exchange and the main European financial markets started the session with increases of the order of one percentage point.

At 9:10 AM FTSEMib won 1.33% to 21,990 points, after reaching a high of 22,051 points, while the FTSE Italia All Share it was up 1.34%. Plus sign for the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 0.91%) and for FTSE Italia Star (+ 0.43%).

I major US stock indices they registered fractional increases in the first session of the week. The Dow Jones rose 1.12% to 29,591 points, while the S & P500 rose 0.56% to 3,578 points. The rise of the Nasdaq was more limited (+ 0.22% to 11,881 points).

The Tokyo stock exchange resumed trading after yesterday’s holiday with a decidedly positive session. The Nikkei index jumped 2.5% to 26,165.5 points.

L ‘euro was reported above $ 1,185, while the bitcoin stands at $ 18,500 (approximately € 15,500).

The spread Btp-Bund hovers around 115 points.

Good start for Enel (+ 2.62% at 8,292 euros). The electricity giant has presented the industrial plan for the three-year period 2021/2023. Enel reported that the business plan is already looking forward to 2030, aimed at accelerating the energy transition along with sustainable and profitable growth to create significant shared value for all stakeholders. In this context, Enel plans to mobilize 190 billion euros in investments in the period 2021-2030. The electricity giant has also set the dividend policy for the three-year period 2021/2023, which provides for a guaranteed dividend per share ranging from 0.35 euros per share in 2020 to 0.43 euros per share in 2023.

The titles of the banking sector stay in the spotlight.

Focus sul Creval, after closing the session on November 23 with a jump of 23.7%, higher than the price of the takeover offer from Crédit Agricole Italia (10.5 euros per share). The bank’s share increases by 2.21% to EUR 10,996.

Massimo Zanetti BG the day started with an increase of 7% to € 5.5. MZB Holding announced that it had increased the consideration for the total voluntary takeover bid on the STAR segment from EUR 5 to EUR 5.5 per share.

Also focus on Tesmec. The shares fail to make a price for exceeding the increase, while the rights related to the capital increase yield 8.64% to 0.0478 euros. Borsa Italiana has announced that from November 24, 2020 and until a subsequent provision on the company’s common shares, it will not be possible to place orders without a price limit (orders at best). On November 23, Tesmec common stock failed to hit a price on the day the capital increase began, representing a theoretical rise of 64%.

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