Dayane Mello furious with the authors

The past weeks have been very tough for Dayane Mello. The beautiful Dayane has also announced that she wants to leave the house; now Mello has lashed out at the production for not seeing any lovers yet.

Dayane Mello

Dayane Mello over the past few days he has revealed to some of his roommates about it want to stop from the house of Big Brother Vip. The model said she heard lack of his daughter. ‘I don’t want to be away from my baby anymore. I’m already warning you that I’m not going any further here at GF Vip ”. These are Dayane’s words.

Now the model became difficult hurled the authors of the reality show because they haven’t given her a chance these days confront with none of the loved ones.

Dayane furious with the authors


Dayane at the end of the last episode of Big Brother To talk with Andrea Zelletta she let it out. The model accuses the authors of the GF Vip of not having received it yet No surprise. While almost all roommates have met someone, or have received a reassuring message Dayane still nothing.

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Zelletta he tried to make the model understand that anyway It is not easy organize some surprises, especially considering that the Dayane’s brother lies in Brazil. Mello blurted out:

“I I get it your point of view, however you have to understand also mine. And luckily you understand. That’s to go there and make a 3 hour episode and then nothing. [ . . . ] I have need from seeing someone and this unfortunately it is not stimulating. Video of three seconds’.

Now we have to wait and see what will decide To do Dayane; and whether the authors want to please the model. Meanwhile, it seems that Juliano (brother of Mello) it is organizing to try to discourage Dayane to exit the program!


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