Driving without checking your mobile

How do you drive without checking your mobile thanks to the car display that is made by Android for all smartphone models? What are the security benefits? Below we will look at the individual characteristics.

The innovation of Android Auto

Attention to safety combined with maximum functionality is what characterizes the Android Auto system. The idea was to provide a device that allows you to freely use the smartphone while driving. Stay in touch with people, keep working, or just make phone calls while keeping your focus on driving. It is a very simple system to install, but before using it, it can be useful to check the compatibility of the car and the presence of Android 9 on your smartphone.

Driving without checking your mobile: the features

When designing this system for the car, the Android team introduced a number of applications that allow you to travel and interact with the world without stress. Below we indicate what the main features are:

Google Assistant: You can use Google with your own voice to listen to news, search the web, use an app, or ask for help for a specific activity;

navigate: you can use Google for a route, or use the Waze application or Google Map to plan a specific route, which will appear on the big screen with accompanying spoken instructions;

call: you can contact any person in the smartphone’s address book with the Google Assistant;

listen and send messages: when you receive a message, simply ask for the Google Assistant to read, or you can send one with voice commands;

chat: it is possible to participate in a chat, to listen and to dictate the answers, always keeping the maximum attention on the road;

listening to music: traveling with your Android Auto device can be a great way to experience a journey;

listen to audiobooks: if you want to drive and read at the same time, you can use audiobook function.

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