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Ecobonus for micro cars and all electric motorcycles

Rome They call it the green turn of the government. After the rejection due to inadmissibility, the five-star ecobonus was again included and even extended to motorcycles, mopeds and micro-cars thanks to a new amendment that this time will be submitted by the government to the Growth Decree to study the budget and finance committees of the Chamber where the vote for the passage to the Chamber starts on 28 May in the first week of June: it must be converted into law on 29 June.

This time, the eco-incentive for the purchase of electric vehicles is being expanded also for all green vehicles with two, three and four wheels of category L, ie mopeds and motorcycles of all movements (the limit of 11kW was removed), tricycles and quadricycles. In addition, the audience of recipients of the incentive is also extended to those who delete a vehicle of category L euro 3 – previously this was only possible for euro 0, 1 and 2 – and is valid even if the category purchased is different from the one scored . Finally, the amendment provides for the scrapping of this category of vehicles, even without direct possession of them: to use them, it is sufficient to be a cohabiting family member, the most important thing being that you have owned the vehicle for at least 12 months.

Another amendment could also be included in the Groeinister Five Stars establishes a fund of two million euros for the purchase of electric vehicles for the disabled. It can be used thanks to a voucher of 18% VAT on the purchase price, a kind of 4% reduced VAT, which will be paid to the buyer by INPS after proper checks.

But the Micromobilit decree also seems to be underway, provided for in the Budget Law and announced yesterday by State Secretary of Transportation Michele Dell & # 39; Orco. This is a ministerial decree (very soon to be published in the Official Gazette) that provides for the experimentation in the city of all those electric vehicles for which type approval has not yet been granted and whose circulation is not yet foreseen by traffic legislation (although in many cities it is already exists for some time). to use). So here is the green light for scooters, hoverboard, segway, Monowheel: they can circulate in some urban areas of the city, but only on an experimental basis. The decree defines the circulation areas in detail.

So for example segway and scooters can circulate on cycle paths, in mixed routes and in areas with a maximum speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour and also in pedestrian areas but with a speed of up to 6 kilometers per hour. The limits for are more limited Monowheel and hoverboard: prohibited on cycle paths and in areas limited to 30 kilometers per hour, they can circulate in pedestrian areas, but without exceeding 6 kilometers per hour. The experiment – foreseen by the Undersecretary Dell & # 39; Orco – will be able to start from this summer.

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