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Endgame revealed the new official name Hulk

Avengers: end game

in Avengers: Infinity War we participated in one Bruce Banner in absolute difficulty to transform into his alter ego barge, but the surprise came in Avengers: end game. After the 5 year jump, in fact, the character is played Mark Ruffalo has evolved into an entity endowed with the great power of the Hulk but also with the intelligence of Banner. In essence, the brain and muscles are in one person, and to turn out to be a big green man with glasses. But what's the name of this character?

Many fans call him Professor Hulk as in the original comics, but know it is incorrect. According to Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, who of the UCM actually refer to the character as "Smart Hulk", or "The Intelligent Hulk"! Of course this does not change the story or the facts, but to be as precise as possible, it is better from this moment on to call Hulk with his official name by adding the Smart prefix. What do you think?

in Endgameremember that ours wore the Infinite Glove to make a click and roll back all decimated people. However, this decision gives him irreversible damage. The Russo brothers had explained: "He lost his arm … he will not come back. He is permanently damaged, just like Thanos is permanently damaged [dopo lo schiocco]. It is an irreversible thing. As you can see, his arm is thinner, he is blackened. So he lost a lot of power. "

However, this does not automatically mean that the character will not return during phase 4 of the UCM, because there may still be some things in store for him. He expected Feige in this regard: "Many years ago, Mark Ruffalo met with us to discuss how the Hulk could grow and evolve in the course of the films. He put forward many ideas. Some have been used in Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity War and Endgame, and again others would be nice to see them someday ».

In short, it seems that Smart Hulk will return to the scene sooner or later, it just has to wait to know when!

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