epidemic continues for another year and a half

Covid, Brusaferro (Iss): The epidemic continues for another year and a half

L ‘epidemic from Covid it takes about a year and a half. To say it’s the president of the ISS Silvio Brusaferro during a forum organized by Ansa. The one caused by the pandemic ‘is a stress that has not been point-like, such as an earthquake or a flood, it is a stress that will last for more than a year and will accompany us for about a year and a half, and we are implementing adaptation strategies that leave their mark will print in the future, some probably permanently ».

“What we have learned – explained Brusaferro – is that prevention is the pivotal moment of the system: once this concept was rejected as more of a vision but no specific investments were made, it is very clear today that the concept of prevention is fundamental, if we do not invest at this level, the risk is high. Prevention has the advantage that certain scenarios occur a priori, it has the disadvantage that when it works very well, it cannot be seen, and this is a critical element that it is always Today this is recognized by all as it is believed that investing in health and wellbeing is a way to ensure the wealth of our countries and our communities ”.

The healthcare of the future, Brusaferro explained, will see technologies and social relationships together. “We know we can live well, even with disabilities or when we grow old, thanks to a range of technologies and relationships that help us regain that margin of self-reliance that we lose. The healthcare of the future will immerse us in a range of relationships and technologies to guide us where we lose self-reliance, therefore deeply rooted in a technology that helps us make choices, but also in a strong interaction with people. The challenge is to enable this healthcare to be enjoyed in a uniform way in all parts of the country, if we can guarantee that it will be a major evolution of the national health system that will allow us to have a More advanced average age, but with margins of improvement in average life without disabilities. In this sense, I believe that the possibility of the Recovery Fund is also a great opportunity that we should make the most of ”.

Brusaferro: From the Epidemic to Technology

From the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a strong pressure on technology, but it must be put into the system, the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Iss) continued. “This pandemic is a stress test that has demonstrated the criticism of our systems, nationally and internationally, and our responsiveness. I believe that the message that we are highly evaluating, both with regard to the aspects of artificial intelligence and with regard to the management of information systems, is the great ability, occurring in a very short time, to migrate, to remotely communicate systems. to start up. in many areas and make them almost a practice in many situations. This is clearly a very important element and it also deserves an in-depth study of the effects, from teleworking to distance learning ».

“In addition, there are a series of experiments that are taking place more locally with regard to telemedicine or other monitoring to ensure help. The point is to bring all these experiences together in a system, it is the challenge that awaits us, I fear that the fact that the epidemic will continue and will last for months gives us a tremendous opportunity to push a lot on this evolution ” .


According to Brusaferro, the impact must be studied from a ‘socio-technical’ point of view. “When we introduce new technologies, it is not only a technological problem, we also change the way we relate and think. An important reflection is to look at them from a socio-technical point of view, combining technology with social and behavioral changes. these tools can improve health and well-being, but these two elements are extremely important to each other ».

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