"Every family will spend an average of 230 euros"

Ready, sell, away. Starting tomorrow, January 2, 2019, the shops in Palermo start offering sales to attract customers and benefit from the progress of the measure compared to the rest of Italy, where it will start on the eve of Epiphany, according to the indications of Federmoda Italia. According to Confcommercio Palermo, the trend in spending will follow the trend of last year and will be substantially stable, with an average per capita of 110/125 euro and 230/260 per family. Data slightly lower than that estimated in the rest of the country, where we speak of an average per capita of € 140 and € 325 per household.

Patrizia Di Dio-2"We anticipate – says the president of Confcommercio Palermo, Patrizia Di Dio (in the attached photo) – significant spending last year, despite the climate of confidence deteriorating and the weakness of household demand being felt. The uncertainties about the economic outlook and the signs of a slowdown in the labor market have been shaping very cautious behavior with regard to consumption choices for months. In general, the fragile consumption profile will also affect sales due to a non-positive commercial season. "

"The next day's sales – adds Di Dio – are essential to try to close a non-positive commercial season, and we expect consumers to benefit from this year's sales, even to buy at discounted prices. If during the & # 39; Black Friday & # 39; at the end of November consumers are attracted by offers, the balances have a very strong appeal, especially for winter sales, where you can buy many interesting products. & # 39;

Federconsumatori also made an estimate of the household, according to which the figure would be around 208 euros: "Winter sales at the start on January 2, 2019: the decalogue of Federconsumatori

"A total of 124,900 families will benefit from promotions, with a cost of 26 million euros, while in the entire province the families will be 236,500, with a turnover of 49 million euros ".Winter sales at the start on January 2, 2019: the decalogue of Federconsumatori

" Estimates are not easy, because the data is distorted by the arrival of "Black Friday", which has recorded a rise of 8.7% this year.".

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