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Fabrizio Corona, the pg: "Go back to prison, too many fights on TV: violate the rules to cherish"

Fabrizio Corona, the pg:

The Public Prosecution Service in Milan asked the judges of the Supervision to hear that the therapeutic assignment would be withdrawn Fabrizio Corona and therefore you go back to prison to serve the sentence. In the courtroom, the Advocate General Nunzia Gatto, & # 39; number two & # 39; of the Attorney General, reconstructed all the violations Corona would have committed, even if they were talking about "hosted quarrel» on TV and during the hearing of almost 5 hours also the "collision» a GfVip with Ilary Blasi. The judges reserve the right to decide.

Fabrizio Corona, Totti & # 39; s shirt and challenge for Ilary Blasi. Ira or Roma fans: «You are not worth it»

The Advocate General Nunzia Gatto asked the judges of the Surveillance (President Giovanna Di Rosa, rapporteur Simone Luerti) to withdraw the provisional therapeutic prize awarded to the former "king of paparazzi" on 21 February, when he again released from prison we returned in the fall of 2016. For the General Prosecutor, who had already requested withdrawal on March 1, Corona can not receive a "definitive" therapeutic award, as requested by her defense (among the lawyers Antonella Calcaterra), and the provisional should also be withdrawn from February onwards and therefore he must also serve in prison for the last 9 months. The pg Gatto in the audience behind closed doors (even Corona spoke in court and then dribbled about the reporters) all told one violations of the requirements that the former & # 39; VIP photographer & # 39; would have done, especially after the hearing in June last year, when the jurors decided to take time before deciding on the confirmation or not of the custody and today to hold the new hearing.

And this in addition to the earlier violations after release, such as the use of social networks that were not granted in that period. For the general public prosecutor, the continuous participation in many "battles" on TV can not be included in the general authorization he has to carry out his work. That is why the pg showed the jury members the video of the verbal confrontation on TV with the host of Gfvip Ilary Blasi, in addition to another video in which the former photo cop with a couple of friends in a local got the blame of his wife Francesco Totti. In addition, the video was also shown in the classroom of the insult addressed by Corona to the deputy, Maria Pia Gualtieri, after the magistrate had asked for the punishment in the court case to be increased by 2.6 million euros in cash. Finally, the Pg mentioned all the occasions in which it would be found in a city outside Lombardy without the permission of the judges (the deeds are also missing for his presence at Gfvip). In addition, he is also challenged the presence of a victim. Last update: 15:24 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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