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Fedez fools everyone and leaves X Factor: "I will only dedicate myself to music" – Velvet Music

Fedez is already fooling his fans and decides to leave X Factor and the world of television to dedicate itself solely to his songs. The rapper announced it during an interview with News Mediaset, in which he states: "I feel too much mediaticity around mefor this I decided to leave the television to dedicate myself only to my music. I never stopped making music, let's make it clear, but from now on I want to focus only on that. The overexposure of the media is something you are looking for on the one hand, on the one hand you do not want it. It's a dichotomy, a constant conflict that we both live my wife Chiara Ferragni".

So Fedez decided to leave the TV world during his current participation in X Factor as judge. In fact, the rapper has been on the jury of Sky's talent since 2014, but now he feels ready to leave everything and focus entirely on music. Fedez announced after arrival in the fifth edition of X Factor that this will be the last ever. A decision taken just behind the launch of his new album entitled "Paranoia Airlines".

The new Fedez album

Fedez on the release of the following said: "It is an introspective album, very true, there is a lot of me. It tells about a transition from both musical and personal transition. I do a job on myself that I want to keep doing and that is why I tell you on this path where something of my past also comes up. "As far as the title goes, he specified that:"The title fully represents me, it represents my paranoia. They are made for 10-20 percent of them. My biggest fear? I do not know where I'm going and for what reason " Paranoia Airlines is scheduled for January 25, 2019, an early work of the individual "First of all", A song written by Fedez in honor of the birth of his son Leone, while the tour will start in March of the same year.

X Factor 12, the report of the fifth episode of Live: the unpublished and deleted

the fifth part of X Factor 12 it was aired on Thursday, November 22, 2018. It was undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated episodes of the edition, dedicated to the unpublished.

The first to implement was Luna Melis, with his song, Los Angeles, which emphasized the two vocal skills. Many congratulations for the beautiful sixteen. It was then the turn Renza, from the Fedez team, but also in this episode does not seem to be able to give the maximum. Manuel Agnelli explains: "I was still struggling to find something that makes me say that you are special". Although this is the opinion of Mara: "I miss a bit" of emotion, but this is my fault. Although I am admired by all this perfection ".

Then presents his own unpublished Anastasio with The End of the World, song that had already been presented at the auditions, but wanted to change a verse for the Live. "You are not just the major short-circuit of this X factor," Fedez told him. "You do something important," Lodo Guenzi said, observing the text of the new.

He has not convinced the whole way Sherolwho perhaps paid the price of the text he sang. The eighteen-year-old Manuel of his team told his story about the father he had never met and the emotions were not lacking.

At the end of the heat was the less toned artist Renza, which ends in the drain.

It is the turn of Naomi, of the Fedez team. The girl found and was exactly. There was no lack of compliments for her, perhaps just a little perplexed Lodo: "In this piece there is a little bit of classical and a bit of detail, I am a simple listener, I lost a moment ". These words were answered by Mara in support of the unpublished Naomi: "A classic piece but perfect for you and your great voice".

Then they performed Bowland di Lodo "Hypnotics as always, fascinating and very interesting", remarked Manuel, while Mara and Fedez did not seem very impressed by their unpublished.

After breaking the hearts of the fans last Thursday about having a girlfriend, Leo Gassman he sang a song about love. For Agnelli it was his best interpretation, but he sometimes found the text naïve. Lodo instead requested some clarification about the text of Piume himself.

Last to perform in the episode of was unpublished Martina Attili. The sixteen-year-old has put his Cherophobia on stage, presented a song during the audition but with an arrangement that is more suitable for the recording market. The song was a confirmation and won all judges and the audience.

Finally for Fedez it was a very complicated evening. In fact, at the end of the second heat, the rapper saw the drainage of Naomi. So the last fight was between his two singers from the previous team. After singing their war horses, Fedez asked the judges to call Tilt and it was the public that decided to close the televoting campaign. Leaving the race was Renza Castelli.

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