GF Vip Natalia Paragoni defends Zelletta against the “bedside table”

In the last episode of the talk show Casa Chi, beautiful Natalia Paragoni talked about her boyfriend. Paragoni took over the defense from Andrea Zelletta and finally, answering some questions, also conducted an excavation at the Damelis.


Among the guests of the latest episode of “Chi House” there was also the beauty Natalia Paragoni. The girl has spoken to be boy and has it as always defended.
Natalia showed her everything spontaneity and the his love towards Andrea. Finally, he launched one among the many questions sharp digging to Giulia De Lellis e Andrea Damante.

Natalia Paragoni defends Andrea Zelletta

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Natalia first of all told about his felice off the road Andrea is opposite the Big Brother VIP. In particular, he said: “I know it will staybecause he likes to win, It is certain. I don’t expect his release. ”Paragoni turned out to be later very quiet the behavior the friend has with others girls of the house. Finally she defended her boyfriend on the “bedside table” issue again, saying:

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“This is not about bullying, because bullying is a strong word. But they should avoid these nicknames that they can hurt. In my opinion they do words hurt more of the barrel “.

Natalia also commented on the Andrea’s hot request to have the bathroom available without cameras two days a week “trust”. For her there is none is there something wrong, indeed, according to Paragoni, Andrea is only more sincere compared to the others.

The excavation at the Damelis


Finally, the beauty Natalia answered some questions and talked about it Giulia De Lellis and Andrea DamanteShe let herself go and said:

We are different, quite the opposite also as a personality. I always have done the beautician, I studied before and I only did one of my jobs. I did not go so random and I am invented make-up artist e beauty influence. Andrea is one instead template and it is one‘different as compared to Damante“.

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