Graduate Schools of Medicine, the mess of the test keeps 15,000 winners blocked –

In these months of health emergencies, they were on the firing line in the hospital wards converted to treat Covid patients. And they will be for a long time, as Minister Roberto Speranza is also counting on young interns for the vaccination campaign that starts with the New Year and lasts for months. But the reinforcements that should have arrived almost two months ago have been stopped for the time being due to another mess (remember the test was canceled in 2014?) During the access test of last September 22: almost 15 thousand seats in front of the pick up (14,455). All the error of the answer to an inaccurate question of the test, the number 87 which was canceled because the X-ray attached to the question did not correspond to the described clinical situation (the text spoke of a fracture of the left femur, the picture seems of a right thigh).

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Result: the usual hail of calls to the Tare that hold the interns hostage for weeks. Just three days ago, the university ministry updated the timetable and promised that the places will be allocated on Thursday, December 3. But last night, at the end of the deadline, the umpteenth cold shower came: the Council of State ordered the ministry to block all procedures pending the courtroom on December 15: only then can the final ranking of the winners be published. And to say that, partly in view of the current health emergency and the shortage of doctors in the department, Minister Gaetano Manfredi had secured 5,000 places more than usual this year: an important milestone given that every year, precisely because of the funnel of places in specialty schools (quotas as paid by the state), thousands of recent graduates stay out of the hospital, wasting time for themselves on others.

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