Greedfall on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021, more than a million copies sold –

Greedfall Screenshot 8

Spiders Games announced via Twitter that the RPG Greed will come PS5 e Xbox series X in 2021, with new content. It also revealed that it has sold over a million copies, a lot because we’re not talking about a triple A, but an AA production.

In short, only good news for a team that deserves success thanks to the originality of the titles. Greedfall isn’t a flawless game, but at the same time it’s a really cool experience, especially for RPG enthusiasts. Spiders haven’t specified what the new content will be and what time of year we can expect to release on the new consoles, but we imagine the message’s focus was more on sales than the rest.

If you want to have more information, read our review of Greedfall, where Luca Porro wrote:
Greedfall isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely the Spiders team’s best expression. A distinctive action RPG that offers a solid story, inspired mythology and plot that deviates from the cliches of the genre’s classic exponents. The combat system suffers from an inordinate woodiness, but makes up for it with the introduction of the tactical break that offers interesting strategic opportunities even at the most excited moments. The role-play side, an interesting and well-balanced character growth, and the design style of monsters and settings make up for some physiological shortcomings from a technical point of view. In early September, Greedfall takes on the role of surprise by focusing on the pleasure of discovering an inspired role-playing game, full of mysteries, but also reflections.

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