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What did Mino Magli say about Elisabetta Gregoraci that was so shocking? The alleged ex-lover of the ex-wife of Flavio Briatore, guest of Barbara d’Urso, stated that …


They are not satisfied attacks from Mino Magli, alleged ex-boyfriend from Elisabetta Gregoraci, to the detriment of its competitor Big Brother Vip. The man who had been doing ar for the past few weeksivelazione shock, claim that years ago when Flavio Briatore he was hospitalized, his wife went to see him and then ran under the sheets with him, he came back as a guest of Barbara d’Urso a Live It’s not the d’Urso Sunday, November 29, 2020, repeating his “allegations” and even introducing himself to the lie detector.

I would like to clarify one thing: since I am butchered nowadays on social media I want to clarify once and for all that I left after 13 years (from the story with Gregoraci, ed.), but before exposing myself, I tried send gods messages to Elizabeth. The first said it and didn’t answer, after the second, in which I did nothing but write her that I had to communicate with her because they were looking for me for interviews, she he blocked me in four seconds.

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Magli looks quite bitter. Is he telling the truth? There truth machine, who could therefore return to Live Non è la d’Urso by popular demand and to which he will be subjected in the coming weeks, will give his answer. Magli also invited d’Urso to hand in Gregoraci tomorrow, but with a smile the hostess of the Canale 5 show returned the invitation to the sender: “He will never do it, you will do it in the meantime”.

Shock statement about Gregoraci

Mino Magli Elisabetta Gregoraci

Mino Magli really has a poisoned tooth with Elisabetta Gregoraci and spares no digs and a shock statement on her behalf.

I found out that when Elizabeth said she was so in love with me, she was there a condominium all that he said he had been with Elizabeth while he was with me and Briatore. I have Elizabeth presented to my children. I want a confrontation with her to understand why she lied, how she lied to me all this time. This is why I came out. I want to prove that I am telling the truth and for that I want to undergo the lie detector.

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