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He spits a piece of lung with a cough, dies for 36 years

A 36-year-old man was killed by a cough. The clinical case – unprecedented – took place in California, where a man went to the emergency room San Francisco Medical Center complain about heart problems. During the stay in the hospital, the 36-year-old had a cough so strong that he spit out a piece of lung. What you see in the picture is actually a blood clot of the right bronchial tree, one of the two main tubular networks that transport air to and from the lungs.

As the scientific journal reports New England Journal of Medicine the man who was presented at the hospital after the necessary examination was subjected to a pharmacological treatment.

He had severe cardiovascular problems and was a pacemaker. After about a week of therapy, the man began to develop a very severe cough. And it is during one of these strong cough crises that the 36-year-old person has splashed the lung, especially a right bronchial tree, the small "tubes" that divide the air into the lungs.

At that moment the doctors immediately intervened to save him, but the circumstances were too serious and after about a week the man died.

The clinical case

According to the doctors, the man would have suffered a rare shortage ejection fractionthat is, the term in which the blood is pumped at each contraction. That man was about 50 percent less than the norm.

The clinical case has been published on the New England Journal of Medicine, from the surgeons of the University of California who had taken care of the patient.

In the week in which he was treated, the man had received secretions of blood and mucus after the visit to the first aid department, but according to the medical staff the situation was still under control.

Eradicating an entire lung is almost impossible because of its size. But such a severe cough can cause cuts and, as in the clinical case in question, parts of the organ can be excreted.

Although the patient was immediately rescued and two days later he was extruded, he died a week later as a result of heart failure.

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