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Horoscope Paul Fox / Prediction today November 26, 2018: Ram forgets November, the other signs?


L & # 39;horoscope Today, Monday, November 26, 2018, it leads us to analyze what is told sign by character Paolo Fox to the LatteMiele microphones. the Sagittarius has the sun in the sign that guarantees success. We have to be careful with everything that comes around. You are always free to do and solve legal problems. The months of December and January will certainly be recovery, but these problems must first be overcome. Libra has a great day, Venus will soon no longer be dominated. This is a good sign because Venus was not very pleasant. people Scale they are naturally inclined to have stable relationships, but sometimes you may have second thoughts or experience transgressions. It would be the case to live things with more peace and quiet, avoiding everything with excessive transport. Nevertheless, the positive moment can lead to vertical growth.


Now let's take a closer look at what I am signs that can not be regarded as meat or fish for the horoscope of Paolo Fox. the Twins they must be noticed at a time when things are not going as they should. You have to be ready to save some energy to be ready to reach goals. On Thursday and Friday, two days will be very tense and that can cause too much worry, perhaps it would be appropriate to get rid of a problem until that day. It will be a very special week for the Taurus approaching an interesting December. There is, however, a feeling of impatience that can cause problems since these hours. Some have opened a dispute in love that no silent dreams sleep, perhaps it would be appropriate to find a solution as soon as possible and prevent them from getting into trouble. Now it may be appropriate to prevail and wait for better times to launch new and interesting situations.


Let us dwell on the top and flop signs next lThe horoscope of Paolo Fox on LatteMiele. Ram he can no longer stand it, he can not wait until this November is finally closed. The month was mainly to be forgotten from the point of view of feelings. Those with a good history have noticed that the desire has diminished. There is the possibility to meet even less than in the past. December instead gives space to restore emotions. the cancer it grows and experiences a number of interesting moments. This is the time to search for answers with the option to turn the page. the Lion is in the front row, ready to achieve excellent results. Some will find that they are talking to their partner, looking for answers, even when they face some difficulties. Capricorn lives a moment of great fatigue, without being able to find an answer.

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