how does the extra cashback work from 150 euros

About a month to go Christmas and one thing is now certain: the Christmas holidays will be sober this year. The confirmation comes from the Prime Minister himself, Giuseppe Conte, which, however, is considering a relaxation of the restrictive measures from December 3 at i Christmas consumptionas they represent approx 10% of the total annual consumption.

To bolster Christmas shopping, one extra cashback of 150 euros only for the month of December, which will arrive directly on the checking account of Italians at the beginning of the new year who will use credit or debit cards, ATMs, bank transfers and apps on their mobile phones to pay for Christmas 2020 spending.

Let’s watch together what is the extra cash back bonus, how it works, when it starts, how much to spend, who can participate and when the refund will take place.

Christmas 2020: 25 billion euros in consumption with lockdown in smoke

While Prime Minister Conte announces that the Christmas 2020 is getting sober Due to the pandemic, the government is considering the possibility of relaxing the restrictive measures from 3 December next do Christmas shopping, always in security check that no meetings are created. We must avoid at all costs that the Christmas holidays are the front room of third wave of infections, the prime minister pointed out.

After all, you can’t do without Christmas shopping, as it represents about 10% of the year’s total consumption: second Confcommercio only in the month Total consumer spending in December amounted to approximately 110 billion euros (2019 estimate) on an annual total of 900 billion euros.

Christmas purchases could revive the retail sector in crisis due to the pandemic for some time, as consumption in 2020 will see a 19.5% slowdown from the previous year. An investigation Censis / Confimprese indicates losses of 229 billion euros, with the potential the layoff of 5 million workers.

If the lockdown continued in December, they would go 25 billion euros in Christmas consumption in smoke.

Extra cashback for Christmas 2020: what is it, when does it start and how much is the repayment

To encourage consumption during the Christmas period, the executive is considering introducing an additional cashback or Christmas bonus 2020, starting from maximum 150 euros which will be credited directly to the Italians’ current account by the end of the year.

This is a measure that is added to the ATM bonus of 150 euros every six months, valid from December 2020, and super cashback from 1,500 euros semi-annually for those who will count the highest number of digital transactions in the new year. That’s not all, then there is the Receipt Lottery which will start on January 1, 2021 prizes of 50 million euros, all to encourage digital purchases and payments.

What is the extra Christmas bonus? It is a cash refund for those who perform purchases in December 2020 pay by electronic means maps and apps, equal to 10% of the total expenditure and up to a maximum of 150 euros.

Most likely it will start in early December and reach a maximum refund of 150 euros, but only for those who will spend at least 1,500 euros by paying for shopping with digital tools, debit cards, ATMs, credit cards, bank transfers and apps installed on mobile phones such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Satispay.

Online purchases are not counted, which, as we know, need not be encouraged because the pandemic has seen them rise, changing the spending habits of Italians.

Christmas bonus 2020: how it works and when the bank transfer arrives

Only the adults living in Italy they will do at least 10 purchases pay by credit or debit card for personal reasons and not for work.

How does the Christmas bonus 2020 work? The additional cashback of 150 euros will come directly to the current account by bank transfer, probably at the end of December 2020, thanks to the registration on the App Io of the public administration, whereby it will be necessary to tax code, the extremes of the cards you use and your own We go.

Given the 150 euros extra cashback from Christmas, the 300 euros cashback for 2021 and the 3,000 euros from the super cashback, we were able to purchase bonus of € 3,450 between now and the end of 2021, to which the possible 50 million euros from the coupon lottery is added.

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