How much is the used silver worth? – Stock market projections

Prices of precious metals, per gram, per kilo or ounce, vary daily based on the development of market prices. And this applies, for example, to both gold and silver. But for those who want to know the price of their precious objects, how much is the silver used?

And this is because the value of silverware depends not only on the market value of the precious metal per gram, but also on the weight and purity of the objects for which an appraisal is requested from an expert. Maybe because the goal then, if it suits, is to sell the silverware and make money from it.

How much is the used silver worth? Always maximum attention to purity

In detail, the value of silver objects depends on their purity. For example, 999 silver is pure silver, which is what you can buy in bars, while if the silver is 800, it is not pure.

And exactly it means that out of every 1,000 parts of metal, only 800 parts are made of silver, while the remaining 200 parts of the object are made of another metal alloy, such as copper. As a result, it is clear that the less pure silver tends to be, the lower the price will be offered per gram, kilo or ounce by a precious metal dealer.

That is why silverware is never 100% made of precious metal

In this connection, it must also be said to convey the idea that a silver candlestick or cutlery can never be 999. And this is because pure silver is too malleable and tough to work alone. . Hence, it is always necessary to add metal alloys that are more resistant. For example, the silver in silver boxes and favors often has a purity of 925/1000. In particular, it is the so-called sterling silver, with 92.5% of the alloy being pure silver and the remaining 7.5% copper.

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