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I can't wait to meet her, I feel love for her

Two weeks ago the experience of Serena Rutelli at Big Brother she reached a turning point when a letter from her biological mother arrived, explaining why she had left her children, asking her to meet her. Serena had reacted negatively to this and would rather not see the woman. Something other than what is being said about his biological brother, whom he will meet as soon as he leaves the house.

His name is Gaetano and he was a guest atLive – It is not d & # 39; Urso"Wednesday, May 15, telling his story. A story that began when he realized that Serena Rutelli was his biological sister watching her near Grane Fratello. During the broadcast, the boy who is married and has two daughters told story: "I was in school for at least ten years, my biological mother whom I only saw in photos." Unlike his sisters, Gaetano was raised by a person close to his family:

I was adopted by my biological mother's sister, my aunt. He gave me what I missed.

It does not hide the resentment towards the mother: & # 39; I don't believe she's a mother, but she tried to reach me when I married a few years ago. She wanted to come to the wedding, but I absolutely did not want that. & # 39; Gaetano says that he was aware of the identity of his sisters a few years ago and that this was not the first time he had tried to contact them:

I heard from Serena and Monica four or five years ago when I discovered that they had been adopted by Rutelli and Palombelli. I tried to contact them five years ago, but she forbade it for safety reasons because of the biological father.

She cannot wait to hug her biological sister and does not hide that, although she has never seen her and Monica, she feels a strong feeling towards them: "I wait until she comes out to meet her, I feel love for her and Monica, because I still feel like an older brother."

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