Iliad also ADSL? Iliad only fiber optic or just ADSL?

Iliad ADSL

Will Iliad only be fiber or will it also have ADSL technology? Can you subscribe to ADSL with Iliad? We answer in this very short post here on a question many have been asking us over the past few weeks. Since we write a lot about Iliad Fibra, let’s answer this clearly common question briefly …

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Can Iliad also be chosen for ADSL? As we now well know, Iliad enters the fixed telephony market through a fundamental agreement, the one with Open Fiber. Today, Open Fiber is the main Italian fiber player in wholesaleor wholesale. Open Fiber’s job is to build the fiber optic network and resell it to telephone operators, giving them the opportunity to make offers to the target customer.

To date, he is not the only actor. Iliad could have entered into agreements with other suppliers. One of all the same TIM – Telecom Italia that owns the fiber, but also the classic and old copper mesh. The one on which it normally works ADSL.

There is no direct agreement between Iliad and Tim for the rental of the fixed network and thus there is no technical possibility for Iliad to market an ADSL offering.

Assuming it can really interest Iliad. As we know for the fourth mobile operator, fiber remains strategic and the asset for the group founded by Xavier Niel is the Freebox, the hi-tech object we have already told you about, which, connected to fiber, you can also enjoy TV entertainment solutions, with several possible integrations with major players such as Amazon (Prime Video), Netflix and maybe Sky and Now TV in the future.

In short, the fiber allows for a range of functions that go far beyond the normal internet connection traditionally intended. An open window in a series of new markets in which Iliad wants to play the role of the absolute protagonist, both in Italy and in France.

ADSL is therefore a dress that should be too tight for a company with a strong innovative DNA. So no ADSL for Iliad.

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