Influenza, Venetian pharmacies give up 30 thousand vaccines

“Thanks to the great sense of responsibility of the Veneto pharmacy organizations, for which I would like to express my deep gratitude, the regional public health system receives an additional 30,000 doses of flu vaccine ».

To say it’s the councilor for health, Manuela Lanzarin, at the end of the meeting at which Federfarma Veneto, Farmacie Unite Veneto and Assofarm Veneto announced that they would relinquish the quota of flu vaccines that the region had reserved for them. Our pharmacists – the Commissioner added – made this choice by showing great team spirit, aware of the difficulty of the situation and making these doses available to public health. I thank them – Lanzarin concludes – also on behalf of the thousands of people who are still at risk to whom it will be possible to provide the anti-flu ».

“In today’s meeting – he says Andrea Bellon, President of Federfarma Veneto, also speaking on behalf of colleagues from other organizations – the Region has shown us the impossibility of guaranteeing pharmacies the same dose rate of the flu vaccine as it has been supplying us in recent years. Once again, Venetian pharmacies wanted to send a signal of closeness to the weakest populations at a time when vaccines are not for everyone. For this reason, and in view of the moment of emergency, we have accepted the motivations of the Region ».

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