Lottery of coupons, it starts on December 1: how to request the code

The receipt lottery is ready to go: from Tuesday December 1 on the portal it is possible to register and obtain the lottery code that will be shown to merchants for cash payments.

Registering and obtaining the lottery code is an indispensable step to ensure that purchases compete with electronic money from January 1, 2021 to the lottery draws that will be monthly, weekly and even yearly. At the time of purchase, strictly from a merchant or physical operator (e-commerce transactions are effectively excluded), you only need to present the lottery code that will be associated with the purchase made and proof of purchase.

Raffle reception, steps to follow

The lottery draws start next year. From December 1 it is possible to continue with the first four steps:

  • access to the portal and input of the tax code;
  • acceptance of the privacy policy and insertion of the security code (capcha);
  • display of the code in both alphanumeric and barcode format;
  • save to your smartphone or print the lottery code.

The system automatically checks the validity of the tax code: if lost, up to 120 lottery codes can be obtained. From January 1, it is possible to participate in the lottery draws of the receipts, which will be monthly, weekly and annual. At the time of purchase, simply show the lottery code to the retailer, thus associated with the purchases made. No obligation to keep receipts.

In case of loss or if you have forgotten the code, you can retrieve it from your reserved zone or you can get another one by going back to the section “Register now”

How to participate in the lottery

The lottery is directly related to purchases: just be old, living in Italy and present your lottery code to the merchant at the time of payment. The operator reads the lottery code through an optical reader connected to the telematics recorder e will pass the data on to the Revenue Agency.

For every euro spent, up to a maximum of 1000, you will receive a virtual ticket. So 10 coupons can lead to 10,000 virtual tickets, 100 coupons to 100,000 virtual tickets and so on.

Note: if the amount spent is greater than one euro, every decimal digit greater than 49 cents will result in another virtual ticket.

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