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Luciana Littizzetto letter Matteo Salvini

"Here is the letter from Matteo Salvini to Pierre Moscovici". Luciana Littizzetto dedicates herself as always and dedicates her classic monologue on Sunday 25 November 2018 a What time is it to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Matteo Salvini.

The subject of the dialogue between the comic strip and the landlord Fabio Fazio is the letter that the leader of the League wrote to Pierre Moscovici, to suppress the stormy relationship of the two. An unpublished letter that Littizzetto gives up would be in his hands, because he, Matteo Salvini, "gave it to me to read".

It is written in French, it says "Lucianina". "Mon cheri, Moscovici, you sui Salvén, what we had," continues the Turin comedian: "Unfortunately, the story is with Elisa Isardi, it is not a plus, c & # 39; est plus friable".

"Mon chere ami Moscon, you très bien the problem of the holes, and of the pill aussi and the lack of the pill suroutout," continues Luciana Littizzetto, who continues her monologue by the famous polemic of the shirts that the ex-girlfriend of Matteo Salvini, Elisa Isoardi, would have said to have fun with her partner.

And he concludes with a Salvini who would say to Moscovici: "Liberté, egalité and paracule".

Who is Luciana Littizzetto

Luciana Littizzetto, 54, was born in Turin on October 29, 1964, and still lives in the capital of Piedmont. He is a truly versatile figure, because it is a comical tone, an actress and a radio and television host.

His parents, originally from Bosconero, moved to Turin in the San Donato district, where they ran a dairy factory and where Luciana grew up.

Luciana Littizzetto Origin and debut

Luciana's artistic ambitions began to manifest in full youth when she graduated in piano at the Turin Conservatory; he later started teaching music at the junior school Carlo Levi delle Vallette, a nine-year job, while simultaneously joining the GiOC and working with Youth worker, the monthly magazine of the movement, on which he publishes his first articles about the world of school and entertainment.

It is in these first pieces that come from his ironic and disenchanted vein, the same thing that would later characterize his character. But his training was not yet complete: in 1990 he graduated in literary subjects at the magisterium faculty, while in the meantime he attended the acting training of the Institute for Art and Entertainment between 1988 and 1990. in the Dravelli club in Moncalieri, which at the time was directed by Arnoldo Foà.

It is in this context that Luciana understands her first shows – such as tears, to dream and Sex – and began as a comedian in a number of local citizens, such as the theater Juvarra and Hiroshima Mon Amour.

The theatrical side also supports dubbing at the "Delta Film" of Gassino Torinese, starting with the voices of soap and soap operas. From that moment on, other collaborations began and came the awards: in 1991 he won the "Ettore Petrolini" prize at the Cabaret festival BravoGrazie from Aosta, while in the same year as chorister he participates in one of the songs of the album slavery Loschi Dezi (later Mau Mau) and makes his debut in Rai in the cast of television remainder Rai Tre, led by Serena Dandini.

It then follows the large permissions obtained by the audience that Luciana decides to give up the employment of a teacher to dedicate herself fulltime to her shows.

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