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Marco Fantini reveals the wedding date: Beatrice Valli replies

Beatrice Valli Marco jockeys VeniceMarco Fantini announces the wedding date with Beatrice Valli

About a few hours ago, the former tronista of Men and women, Marco Fantini he answered the classic questions on Instagram. In most of these questions social users when and if they would marry her Beatrice Valli. As in the beginning Fantini he answered in a rather vague manner, later, on the more specific invitation: "Marco leaves the wedding date!", The boy of Carpi he answered clearly and clearly: "June 29, 19"So it looks like the long awaited wedding arrives between the two protagonists of men and women, but will the answer of the beautiful model be truthful?" "Not really, probably." Here is what the future bride thinks, who in her profile likes her. version will expose.

June 29, 2019 is actually the wedding date between Beatrice and Marco?

For his part too Beatrice exposes himself to Instagram by saying what he thinks of the revelations of his current boyfriend. Placing the screen of Marco in which he reveals the date of the marriage, Bea he is writing: "But 2019? Where are you from? I have not even received the proposal and you already have the date? ". So, from the last expressions of the girl, it is easy to understand that the date mentioned is just an idea of ​​Mark and that therefore there is still nothing official. Neither marriage nor proposals. Although it should all happen very quickly, at least as leaked by the former tronista.

Marco Fantini and Beatrice Valli also plan a new child together

Wedding or not, Marco and Beatrice they are equally happy to be together. After leaving the studio of Men and women , between highs and lows the two boys have created a great family. In fact, the child is born of their love white that gives the parents enormous joy. Speaking of family, Marco rents small future projects. When they ask him if he wants to have another child, he not only answers yes, but he even says that he wants three. At least on this, Beatrice do you agree with that?

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