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Mozambique is a very bad weapon

The phenomenon Apex Legends it fell from one day to the next on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, attracting more than 10 million players in a very short time. Many have given it up Fortnite, including many streamer, to battle generous servers from Respawn Entertainment.

If there is something that everyone seems to agree on, besides the fact that Apex Legends is a high-quality product, and the uselessness of the Mozambique, a shotgun that you can find on the battlefield. This weapon is literally everywhere (it is not rare to get more than one in the same box), causes little damage and does not even have a particularly extensive charger. His low effectiveness soon became the object of ridicule for the entire Apex Legends community.

Someone ironically linked it to the Plants Sparasemi plant. Zombies. Others, however, are heavy compared to waste. A player started a discussion about Reddit just to announce to the community that he had succeeded in eliminating an opponent with Mozambique, which is a rare and unique event. The famous maker of the content courageas you can see in the video at the foot of the news, he could not resist his anger because he had found a legendary skin for this weapon, which he found completely useless.

It will be interesting to know whether Respawn Entertainment decides whether or not to intervene in Mozambique's balance to make it more effective in the fight. In the meantime, the success of Apex Legends, which has contributed to raising the value of the shares of Electronic Arts and is still at the top of the ranking of the most transferred games on Twitch. Someone has already started making assumptions about Apex Legends Season 1, which will begin in March.

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