National, the debutants Grifo, Tonali and Sensi: "What a sensation, we will give everything"

Vincenzo Grifo and Sandro Tonali, debutants in the national team. Getty

Vincenzo Grifo and Sandro Tonali, debutants in the national team. Getty

First time with the national team for Vincenzo Grifo, Sandro Tonali and Stefano Sensi. The c.t. Roberto Mancini gave the boys of Hoffenheim, Brescia and Sassuolo the opportunity to breathe in the breath of the "big one", waiting until they finally bloomed. First training sessions and first explanations: "In a dream blue, I am 100% Italian – said Grifo, who also talks about his role – I started playing as 10, and since the days of Friborg they have brought me out and I find myself well ". The future in Italy for him? Grifo glissa: "You never know, now I am happy in Germany and we also play the champions". Same conclusion for Sensi: "Unspeakable joy, I did not expect, now I am here and I enjoy this moment, give it all". And he adds: "The call for a small call", just like when you are young. For me Italy really started again, there is a breath of rebirth, we can give Portugal a difficult time ".

Finally the most anticipated of beginners, a little bit for comparisons with Pirlo, a bit & # 39; for the continuing market rumors they see in the best Italian and European clubs. There is the 2000 Tonali-class, back from the nice goal on a free kick with Brescia against Verona in Serie B: "There is a great group, to be beautiful and exciting here .. If I am in a friendly against the United States would be in doubt, get ready, I come here without asking to play with violence. " About Pirlo and the negotiations with the big clubs: "I do not put any pressure on the comparisons, I appreciate the compliments, but now I am used to it." And again: "I was inspired by Gattuso, I have always supported Milan. in Brescia gives me so much, he gives me a big hand, he played in my role ".



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